dolat box

XtremeFit Team club located in Kolahdooz (Dolat) street is a cross training gym with an area of more than 600 square meters and a team of highly experienced trainers in the fields of cross training and functional fitness. All workouts of the day (WODs) are designed according to the International Federation of Functional Fitness International Standards, which can be viewed on the xtremefitwod page on instagram.

The management of this club is not only a professional athlete and has won the championship for the national kickboxing team of Iran, but also grew up in family that has owned sports clubs in Tehran and Australia for over 30 years.  This experience has led the Dolat club to be managed according to international standards.

Tajrish box

XtremeFit Club opens its second branch in Tajrish with the aim of creating a healthy and professional environment, providing the ground for professional growth and flourishing of athletes, while improving the level of physical ability of its members, as well as creating different and enjoyable sporting experiences.

A specialized box for cross training, functional fitness and kickboxing was opened in the north of Tajrish Square. Under the management of Mr. Hamed Mosazadeh.

Private and group classes with combined sports and private kickboxing classes are taught by the national champion.

bamland outdoor gym

Don’t cancel your workout from your daily schedule.

We know most gyms were closed because of Covid, so we opened an outdoor gym so you don’t have to cancel your workout.This would be a fully equipped outdoor facility with approximately 500 sqmt, which means more than 50 people can workout and still keep the safe distance and have a great time.

All classes are managed by experience coaches. Our classes include functional fitness classes, cross training, TRX, and HIIT cardio training.

FOOD garden OUTDOOR gym

coming soon…

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